A Fire Alarm

What you should know


Fire Alarm Systems are required to be maintained in operable condition at all times. As well, fire alarm systems shall be inspected in conformance with ULC-S536 and the Ontario Fire Code.

This code requires monthly and annual testing. Records must be kept by the building owner/manager for examination by your insurance company and/or the authority having jurisdiction. Only technicians who have completed the Canadian Fire Alarm Association Technician Education Program, or an equivalent course may perform repairs and inspections.

Don't be caught not knowing what to do. Be alert and always pull the alarm when you discover a fire Be aware of people around you and warn them of the fire CALL 911 never assume this has been done. Avoid fire by being preventative.



Basic fire prevention tips in the office:

  • Never leave garbage to pile up
  • Use your electrical equipment safely
  • Know where your fire extinguishers are located
  • If you work late, be extra careful and follow all safety procedures as you would during regular hours
  • Be aware of escape routes for emergencies
  • You are in charge of your own personal safety