Fire Extinguisher Inspections

At SCO we perform and complete an inspection with proper paper work and your report is then transferred to a PDF file and made available to you in both print and CD form. Your printed form will have a separate form with all listed inspection deficiencies found by our technicians with code references and recommendations and cost of repairs and or corrective measure.

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All inspection are performed by Qualified Technicians under the Codes and Standards in Ontario! We create Site Specific Fire Plans NOT cookie cutter plans!

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Fire Extinguisher and Fire hose inspections/maintenance, as per Ontario Fire Code regulations and NFPA 10 Standards and you receive a full printed and PDF of the completed report.

We recharge fire extinguishers!
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Note: We do not recharge or maintain plastic fire extinguishers, sorry.

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Lost your inspection report?

Not to worry we keep our reports on site for a minimum 5 years!
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Which fire extinguishers inspections are mandatory? Learn more about the law here.