Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Your buildings sprinkler system isn't just piping and sprinkler heads. It is a complex system designed to effectively suppress or extinguish a fire when properly maintained.
A sprinkler system is a huge investment towards the protection of a building from fire. Don't be cheap with the maintenance.

A properly maintained sprinkler system will ensure a fire doesn't stand a chance. Nothing takes the place of experience when its comes to troubleshooting fire sprinkler systems.

Need your Fire Pump maintained Call SCO we can provide a full range of fire pump services. A fire pump can be the life saving water in a fire situation. Don't leave it to chance. City pressure won't save you. Maintain your fire pump monthly and be in compliance.



Our inspection procedures include:

• Exercising control valves and testing tamper switches
• Ensuring local and electronic alarm devices function properly
• Operating inspectors test valve to ensure operation of flow switch(s)
• Performing main drain test and tag each riser with static and residual pressure readings
• Inspecting sprinkler heads for rating, damage, obstructions, or corrosion
• Inspecting fire department connection for obstructions and caps
• Inspecting, testing and recording Antifreeze system readings
• Testing water flow and operation of fire pumps and jockey pumps
• Trip testing Dry-pipe, Pre-action and Deluge valves as applicable
• Inspecting gravity tanks, reservoirs and pressure tanks
• SCO Fire & Life Safety provides you with a detailed report of the operation and conditions of your system to comply with the standards for records in Ontario.

Everything on your sprinkler system is important gauges are read weekly and monthly to ensure proper PSI reading. This ensures proper operation in the event of a fire these readings must be kept in a complete log for local authorities if they request them.

Did you know that gauges must be changed or re-calibrated every 5 years?

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We have 24 years of on the job experience in the sprinkler trade. A sprinkler inspection is fire code and is also required by your local by-laws and insurance standards across Canada. A properly maintained sprinkler system can last for years. Poorly maintained and they are replace in just a few years.

Don't pay fire alarm technicians to inspect your sprinkler systems call us. We are the ones they call to troubleshot DRY system troubles, wet system false alarms and even to check coverage for insurance companies. Every time we do work for these companies we see the same thing over and over again. The system hasn't been properly tested and maintained. A sprinkler system that isn't properly maintained can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Don't let this happen to you . Call the company everyone else calls SCO Fire & Life Safety 416-901-9198